A Note About Submissions

What we publish: The Dzaleka.com Watch publishes videos clips that is dedicated to showcasing videos from Dzaleka Refugee Camp (i.e. this includes short documentaries and documentary excerpts, commercials, short films and film excerpts, news reports, TV show excerpts, etc). Generally, this means clips will be about 1 hour or less (and we really like short clips!). 

Writing your summary: This is one of the most important components of your video submission. A good summary is concise and clear and should be no longer than 300 words. A good summary often contains two key components: (i) a short description of the clip and (ii) learning outcomes and suggestions for how the clip might be used, including mention of any specific of Dzaleka.com perspectives illustrated by the clip. If you wish to include additional discussion of the clip’s suggested usage, you may add a comment to the post after it has been published.

Editing: Site editors reserve the right to edit video submissions as they see fit, which may include edits for clarity, functionality, and quality. Also note that, while all video submissions are read and reviewed, not all submissions are published.