3D print fablab in dzaleka refugee camp

3D PRINT FABLAB IN DZALEKA REFUGEE CAMP from Gianna Schellenberg on Vimeo.

Dzaleka Refugee Camp is situated in one of the poorest countries in the world - Malawi.It has existed for over 25 years and hosts about 40.000 refugees and asylum seekers.

Living in this camp means: a limited right of movement, no work permission in the host country, poverty and few education options. What does youth living in this camp do all day? Some 18 year olds were born in this camp - others have been waiting to return to their home countries for years - what is there to do here for young, creative minds full of dreams?

A Burundian refugee Remy Gakwaya is a self-taught computer programmer. He rented a tiny room in the camp and with one computer started to teach youth in the camp computer programming skills. Here at the "TakenoLab" people learn from how to use a mouse, to coding and app development.

Impressed about this enthusiasm that I have witnessed in the camp, I really wanted to help these guys in some way. So, a friend of mine and I brought a Prusa 3D-printer-kit from Germany for the guys and girls at TakenoLab to set up. They assembled the printer, learnt the 3D-design software "Rhinoceros" and learnt the computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing workflow.

They are now sharing these skills with others in the camp and are using their 3D-printer.
When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, they immediately began designing and developing 3D-printed protective essentials such as face masks, face shields and equipment for aid-workers or hospitals.

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