Dance for Change: Dzaleka refugee camp, Malawi

 A Fundraiser film for the dance community within Dzaleka refugee camp, Malawi.

Within Dzaleka refugee camp there are over 35,000 African people who are managing to build homes after fleeing from conflict in areas such as Congo DRC, Mozambique, Burundi and Rwanda. This story is about how the youth within the camp are coming together despite the difference in their origins to build dance groups. They are continually training and performing, defying the constraints of their surroundings as they give a voice to their talent.

This not only brings hope to the community of Dzaleka as a whole, but money and a passion for life. The structure and routine of the dance practice means that focus and dedication unites the different groups of people within the camp creating more harmony and diffusing conflict in an otherwise sterile place of opportunity.

This crowdfunder is needed to get our final film through post production and out into the world. The aim is to create positive awareness internationally for the dance groups of Dzaleka and give them the chance to gain opportunity through their exposure to people, artists and potential supporters, fans and collaborators.

We are also creating an emergency fund to support the dancers in this time through their activities, wellbeing and education within the camp so that they have a better chance of achieving their goals.

For the young men and women dancers of Dzaleka, this crowdfunder is dedicated to:

The Dreamers
The Fighters
The Vision Girls 
and Salama Africa

Featuring Toussin Farini, manager of Salama Africa Dance group and Spiwe Zulu the executive producer of the film.

Huge thanks to:
Jack Beattie for his amazing sound design and dedication.
Todd Speakman for the track and Becky Garner for the motion graphics.
Homeline Media, Producer Hugo, Danny and Clem Kwizombe; cinematographer and producer.

Director of Photography - Jack Thompson Roylance: in collaboration with Deadbeat Films :)

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