The Warm Heart of Africa

We are in the warm heart of Africa, Malawi on both an adventure and travel to help people who need eyeglasses with Global Vision 2020 #gv2020. Eyeglasses is one of the most unmet healthcare needs in developing countries that effects income potential as well as quality of life. This week, we are working in a United Nations refugee camp to promote education, healthcare, empowerment, and sustainable development for refugees to provide an income for their families. This United Nations High Commission for Refugees camp is overflowing with a refugee crisis with minimal humanitarian aid during COVID. Some humanitarian aid in Africa has stopped altogether with COVID so we get to be the people to bring much needed medical supplies, medical assistance, and humanitarian aid work to Malawi. As we’ve said previously, we don’t want to just travel the world and take and consume but actually give back and help the people in places we travel so we are striving to do good and stay crazy! 

We're embracing the next chapter by simplifying our lives, exploring our dreams, and connecting with what truly matters.

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